At Model Team we celebrate difference. Our change makers encompass a range of irresistible individuality. Whether that’s age, gender, identity, sexuality, disability, race, ethnicity or body shape. We rejoice in distinctive styles of expression. We salute peoples rights to choose for themselves not to conform to society’s norms.

Working as an International Mother agent we can develop the talent on home turf to prepare for the International market of which we have an exceptional presence.

We work with Scottish based models who, through the atmosphere and feelings they communicate, are an exceptional and unique combination of our heritage, environment and wit.

The website is a testament to our company’s success and to our values. Do take a look and phone or e-mail us. We will be delighted to hear from you.


Model Team is a member of the British Fashion Model Agents Association. This is a trade Association of the UK model industry that is committed to providing the highest level of management, care and guidance for our models.

The aim of our Code of Conduct is to guide and promote respect to all, responsible, ethical and positive behaviour within all areas of our business. 

It is a written collection of principles, values, standards, expectations and actions that all members must strive to uphold  and recognise as being fundamental to our industry and its reputation.

Individual actions shape how the world views the British modelling industry and, by implementing a robust framework of good practice, we aim to inform and protect our models.

For more detailed information on the BFMA, please visit BFMA